From One Rotation to the Next

So far, it’s been about a month and half since I started grad school here in Toronto. My first rotation has come to a close, and my next one starts next Tuesday. What have I learned so far?

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Olympic Memories, a Year Later

Today a year ago, I was still living in Vancouver…and the Winter Olympics began. And the memories are still blindingly fresh.

The rough start. The awesome finish.

The dreadful weather the first week. Rain, rain, and more rain. And then the cold but beautiful sun the following week.

The undeniably cute—and unusually memorable—mascots. I still remember seeing people go nuts over them.

Milling about downtown, visiting all the sights along Granville and Robson. Weaving through the crowds with a red Team Canada jersey under that black car coat.

Waiting in line—for the SkyTrain of all things! I still remember waiting half an hour to get onto a packed train at Main Street-Science World and then waiting another hour to get on the Canada Line at Waterfront.

Seeing the police herd everyone off the crosswalks. And then watching Joe Biden’s (the vice-president of the United States) motorcade blaze by with my friend Eugene.

Seeing on television—and reading about—Alexandre Bilodeau’s gold medal and his captivating backstory.

Becoming mesmerized…by curling.

Sitting at home, watching Sidney Crosby score his legendary goal. I thought about going downtown afterward, but would I have been able to get back home in time for the closing ceremonies?

The atmosphere, electric. Joyous. I don’t recall ever being so proud as a Canadian before the Olympics.

Of course, now I’m here in Toronto, where there really hasn’t been much of a celebration. Life goes on.

But I have a feeling that having the Olympics show up in my hometown was a once in a lifetime moment. How often does an event as big as the Olympics happen right where you live?